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About Mike

With 48 years of experience as an electrician, Mike Zingaro has consistently encountered challenges in his field, driving him to seek innovative solutions. Yet, his problem-solving extends beyond his profession’s boundaries. This led to the establishment of Pick Products, dedicated to testing various ideas and products to introduce practical solutions for enhancing daily life. Should an existing product prove less than, the company commits to crafting new innovations.

Over three decades ago, Mike conceptualized his initial two products: a cereal bowl designed to prevent cereal from becoming soggy, reflecting his personal preference, and color-coded socks tailored for individuals with color blindness, catering to their specific needs and facilitating identification for family members.

Outside of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Mike shares a fulfilling family life with his wife Ellie, encompassing three children, five grandchildren, and the joyful company of four rescue cats.

Kitty Cubed

Kitty Kubed was developed as a play and comfort zone for his four rescue cats. His interest in New Shoes in a Bottle came about working to improve his appearance as a sports official.

Kitty Kubed is our innovative, cozy, home-in-a-home solution to the international cat creed: If I fits, I sits. It’s a simple but effective toy that cats love! Get your kitty a kitty kubed! #kittykubed

Made in the USA with durable and 100% sustainable corrugated cardboard, our 13” x 13“ kubes are lightweight and inconspicuous – An attractive and long-lasting upgrade from your old shoebox!

Kitty Kubed also helps other kitty’s! $1 of each purchase will be donated to benefit an animal in a shelter.

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Pick Products

Mike’s real-life experiences, including multiple hospital visits as a patient, inspired him to design The Barton, a unique hospital garment that prioritizes both modesty and mobility. Alongside this innovation, his sense of humor shines through in the creation of numerous novelty shirt designs. Additionally, recognizing the need for practical solutions beyond the healthcare sector, he developed the Print Pouch, specifically designed to safeguard large-format drawings like blueprints and maps for various professionals such as design teams, contractors, and cartographers.

These endeavors reflect Mike’s commitment to improving everyday experiences based on his own encounters, ensuring that others can benefit from enhanced solutions.

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That's Life

Mike’s creative spirit never wanes; always one to speak his mind with humor, he introduced “That’s Life!” – a platform aimed at bringing laughter, social commentary, and thought-provoking content to its audience.

Furthermore, reflecting his environmental concerns, “That’s Life!” has forged partnerships with two socially conscious companies for the production of its shirts, aligning with Mike’s commitment to ecological responsibility.

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About Our Products

The product brand Bella+Canvas is based in California; is a Fair Labor Association Company providing well over 1,000 jobs in Los Angeles; committed to the conservation of water, energy and other natural resources with virtually zero waste.

Printful has reduced leftover fabric by 7% (that’s like 2920 hoodies per year!), has added 10 new products to their eco-friendly collection in 2020 and striving to add 20 new eco-friendly products in 2021. Printful has formed a Green Team to calculate their waste and carbon footprint to reduce their impact on the environment. We encourage you to visit www.bellacanvas.com and www.printful.com for more details.

We hope you wear your new shirt or product with pride and in good health.