Our Story

Meet Mike

Mike Zingaro has been an electrician for 48 years, many times faced with the task to find solutions to job related issues.  

He did not stop there, Mike worked at solving problems outside of his vocational industry. To that end Pick Products was established.

Pick Products tests different products and ideas to bring common sense solutions to make life better and easier. If any existing product is not available or idea is not viable, we invent a new one.

Mike came up with his first 2 products over 30 years ago: a cereal bowl that kept cereal from getting soggy, a personal preference and identifiable socks for colorblind people to accommodate family members.

Kitty Kubed was developed as a play and comfort zone for his four rescue cats.

His interest in New Shoes in a Bottle came about working to improve his appearance as a sports official. 

Mike’s multiple hospital visits, as a patient, led to the design of The Barton, an accessible hospital garment that provides modesty and mobility for the wearer.

His sense of humor helps create multiple novelty shirt designs.

The Print Pouch was created to protect large format drawings, such as blueprints and maps for design teams, contractors and cartographers.

Mike and Ellie have three children and five grandchildren along with four rescue cats.

As a past member of the Sparta Kiwanis Mike was a balloon handler in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade twice.

Mike continues to give back to the community volunteering with different civic organizations throughout the year.

Partner With Us

Do you have a great idea or product, but are struggling to find representation? We’d love to hear more!

Would you like to become a distributor of our common sense solutions? We’d love to add one of our products to your shelves!

Call Mike for a conversation: (973) 726-0774